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About Matharu Web Solutions

If you have come to this place you are surely looking for something different. Sorry, but you are not in for any surprises. We are a ‘simple’ web  and mobile app design company based in Winnipeg called Matharu Web Solutions. Yes, you got us right there. The first rule of web design is KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid and we follow it quite religiously.

web and mobile app designWondering why the emphasis on simple? It is the simplest of the designs that last and are the most useful ones. Ever wondered why the simple design of your knife handle or your toothbrush has not changed over the years. The answer is – it is simply the best design a knife can have. Similarly, when we design a web site we make it simply the best design you can have.

In the past we have amazed our clients by our simplicity and their clients have been mesmerized by our designs. And mind you when we say simple we do not intend to say something which is age old and laggard in technological sense. We add all the bells and whistles to your site/apps but with elegance.

If you want your website to amaze your visitors and keep them coming back to you we are the one you are looking for. We design websites and mobile apps which are equipped with all the bells and whistles and yet simple to use. From a truck driver to a toddler our aesthetic pleases everyone. With our unmatched experience in the field we have devised techniques for seamless navigations which make it easier for your visitors to go through all the information without missing out on anything and most importantly saves time.

We follow a systematic approach towards designing websites and mobile apps which begins with YOU. Yes, unlike other companies we do not design them because it is our business. We design because we love designing and your business needs one. So we begin by understand your business needs and cater exactly what your business deserves. Unlike other web design companies round the corner claiming to be the best in the trade we don’t want you to buy our blabber. Call us today and let us do the magic for you – (204) 998-1636.

Our core services include:

  • Web design and development
  • Mobile app development (iPhone and Android)
  • Graphic design
  • Domain registration and hosting
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content writing
  • Internet Marketing
    and much much more…