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About Matharu Web Solutions

Matharu Web Solutions is a cutting edge company offering a range of advanced, strategic and technologically abreast web solutions to industries of all types and sizes. Founded in 2013 by Jaspreet Matharu, Matharu Web Solutions was initially a part-time business to support the survival of Ms. Matharu. However, with the pace of time and dedication of the founder, the company soon reached the point of expansion and came into existence as a multi-facet company offering services to a wider customer pool.

Ms. Matharu is a skilled, seasoned and passionate web designer with a great eye for quality and details. As she started offering her services to her clients, the results turned out to be great and all kinds of positive feedback poured in. It was then that Ms. Matharu decided to register Matharu Web Solutions as a sole proprietor business and signal off a journey towards endless success.

At Matharu Web Solutions, we offer you multi-fold services nurtured with our extensive knowledge, skills, and experience. We have successfully catered to the unique requirements of our clients from different industries including car dealerships, manufacturing, electronics, logistics, immigration, janitorial services, technology, recycling, charity, restaurants, and more.

The company received a new supply of talent and vision after Ms. Matharu got married to Gurpreet Bansal, a leading-edge web developer & IT leader. With his extensive knowledge base and experience in dealing with clients and their requirements to deliver advanced web solutions, Mr. Gurpreet enlarged the talent base and competency of Matharu Web Solutions to several folds.

Today, Matharu Web Solutions takes pride in being the most trusted and challenging team of IT professionals offering a comprehensive range of services to their valuable customers. We are dedicated to serve excellence to our clients while catering to their business requirements. Our aim is to offer competitive, technologically advances solutions that aid our clients in expanding their returns on investment.

In 2019, we took another leap in our business by incorporating a new IT business “Tech Hunterz Inc.” in January. Today, Mr. Gurpreet Bansal trades his web business as Matharu Web Solutions and is readily available to offer advanced solutions to its clients.

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